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Never forget, guess, or miss your pill again!

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Universal Pill Timer

$9.99 per pack

Product Facts

Product Facts

  • Universal Pill Timer is a pill reminder with a built-in LCD timer to assist you in knowing how long it has been since you took your last pill. No alarm to set, no programming, no buttons to push. It's all automatic.

  • Universal Pill Timer is a pill tracker. It's simple. Just place your original pill bottle in the timer and start tracking your medication timing. It works very easily. Every time you remove your pill bottle and take your pill, the timer automatically resets itself to zero and starts counting up hours and minutes so next time you know exactly how long it has been since you took your last pill.

  • Medication reminders for elderly people. How often have you asked yourself, "Did I take my pill?" Or, "How long has it been since my last pill?" Not knowing, guessing, and missing your pill, can all result in over-or-under-medicating, which could have a serious impact on your health. The Universal Pill Timer is a medicine timer simple solution to all these problems. So never forget, guess, or miss a pill again. Patent-pending design.

  • Universal Pill Timer is a medicine tracker, that works with all the most commonly used types and sizes of medication bottles from Walgreens, CVS, Rite-Aid, Kaiser, etc. It comes with a long-lasting replaceable battery.


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Product Facts
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